Orotype - Maithuna


The ongoing maithuna project evolves around a series of erotic rock sculptures and bas-reliefs of Asiatic temple walls, originating from as early as the tenth century, mainly devoted to the tantric practice of sexual embrace for spiritual reasons. The exact significante of these sculptures has not been clearly elucidated and can vary in function of the context which can be linked to fecondity, tantric rituals or the evocation of the union of the individual soul and divinity.
Maithuna is the Sanskrit word for union. Maithuna is yogic sexual union. It means, act or instance of uniting two or more things into one state of being or, a spiritual uniting in order to bring about concord. This is the unity of creating one from two, an escape from the duality system in which we live. In the Western world Maithuna is sometimes called kerraza or dianism, in Tibet it is called yab-yum. It is a true form of meditation.