photography ... otherwise #1

October 2015 to January 2016

Diana Bloomfield (USA)- tricolor gum prints

Pascal Bonneau (FR) - palladium

Hilde Braet (B) - from the "Bondage" project - cyanotype

Michel Clerbois (B) - from the "Como Island" project - cyanotype/mixed media

Roger Kockaerts (B) - from the "Xprmntl" project - cuproglyphes & 3D print

Rosemary Laneau (B) - from the pinhole project - apple season

Michel Medinger (LU) - from the "Still life" project - cyanotype

Christian Nze (FR) - from the "Trees" project - palladium prints

Jalo Porkalla (FI) - Van Dyke Brown

René Smets (B) - 4-color gum & bromoil

Hamish Stewart (GB) - gum

Kostas Theofanidis (GR) - from the "Nude" project - palladium prints

Roberto Trioschi (I) - from the "Me & XXL" project - Van Dyke Brown prints

Bruno Vermeersch (B) - oil print