Image-text diptychs

The computer graphics of Roger Coqart (Roger Kockaerts), are to be considered as autonomy works of an aesthetic nature. From the 1980'son, his passion for creative photography incited Roger Coqart to create a number of diptychs in which an analog photographic silverprint and a computer generated image are in symbiosis or paradox to each other in order to form works with a belgian style conceptual-semantic character. In these pieces combinations of the available letter, cipher and mathematical symbols are used semantically with photographic images and the complicity and analysis by the spectator are of vital importance.
From the citation "an image is worth a thousand words" one could suppose that the comprehension of an image by an individual happens quasi instantly in opposition to the linear lecture of a text. It seems that the individual, according to his abilities, selects image elements in order to form a definitive opinion. On the other side, the presence of a multitude of comprehensive possibilities present in certain images, requires a context or text as a title, legend, explanation, or otherwise.
One can use the term "image-text" to talk about the relationship between the two entities, constructed in terms of difference or similarity. In our "Diptychs" project this relationship "text-image" is a place where various aspects of the components of the life in society are in conflict or in agreement with the representation of reality in the form of a photograph.
Although each work carries a title and the image elements are relatively simple, the spectator often has to perform an intellectual effort in order to penetrate the visual implications and interactions of the poetic-conceptual creations.
Each diptych consists of a photographic silverprint treated with archival conservation techniques and a computer printout copied onto a conservation quality paper. By means of self -constructed computer programs, specific generative graphics are created.